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Omar Faruque Mosque and Cultural Centre

Dhul-Hijjah and Eid-ul-Adha 2017/1438

Eid-ul-Adha will be on Friday 1st September insha'Allah as Wednesday 23rd August has been confirmed as 1st Dhul-Hijjah. The Day of 'Arafah is therefore on Thursday 31st August.

There will be two Jama'ats at the mosque for Salat-ul-Eid. Please come early as the below are the start times and salah will start without delay insha'Allah. Please try and do wudhu at home and park legally without blocking anyone else or obstructing any of the surrounding businesses.

1st Jama'at - 9.30am

2nd Jama'at - 10.30am

The 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah and Eid

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Jazakumullah Khairan.

Shahada There is none worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad (s.a.w.) is the messenger of Allah


Omar Faruque Mosque and Cultural Centre

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